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The Thau Lagoon (known in French as “l’Etang de Thau”) is ideally situated in the heart of Languedoc, surrounded by history, culture, and natural beauty :

  • To the south, a quick drive or boat ride away, lies Sète—a canal-lined city with a proud maritime culture, and home to singer Georges Brassens and poet Paul Valéry.
  • To the west lies Marseillan, the final stop of the Canal du Midi (a UNESCO World Heritage site).
  • To the north lie Pézenas, the elegant city of Molière; Lake Salagou, a prime destination for hiking and water sports; and Lodève, a city dating back to the Gallo-Roman period.
  • All around the area, spectacular vineyards—such as those at the Abbaye de Valmagne—are a wine lover’s dream.
  • The cities of Montpellier and Béziers, each a 30-minute drive away, are convenient transportation hubs (airports, train stations) that offer cosmopolitan attractions.

Boasting beautiful Mediterranean beaches, charmingly preserved villages, high-quality vineyards, historic thermal baths, and six golf courses within a 45-minute drive, the villages of the Etang de Thau provide an ideal starting point for discovering the region at your own pace, and according to your own tastes.

Office of Tourism for the Northern Thau Basin

rent-in-village proudly presents to you the beautiful villages where its vacation rentals can be found :


This small fishing village has managed to protect and preserve its authenticity throughout the centuries. Famous for the farming of oysters, mussels, and other shellfish, Bouzigues and its simple traditions provide a charming introduction to life on the Etang de Thau. You will discover, among the narrow and winding streets, smiling locals who will be glad to share with you stories of the village and its summertime festivals.

Visit the museum of the Etang de Thau to learn about life on the lagoon; wander around the fishing quarter and enjoy the day’s catch in a shore-side restaurant; relax on the beach or take lessons at the sailing school; explore the underwater wonders of the étang and, if you’re lucky, get a glimpse of the elusive sea horses… Without a doubt, Bouzigues offers excitement and enjoyment for vacationers of all ages.


Overlooking the Etang de Thau, and surrounded by vineyards and the beautiful scrubland known as “la garrigue,” Loupian has served as a stopover for travelers since the Middle Ages.

Travel back in time by visiting the famed Gallo-Roman villa, the vestige of what was once a vast agricultural domain built along the Via Domitia (a 2nd century BC Roman road linking present-day Italy and Spain). Along the hiking paths of the garrigue, you will discover even more remnants of the past that give an idea of the richness of the region’s history.


Located on the shores of the Etang de Thau—“in the middle,” as its name denotes in Latin—Mèze is a small city that specialized in wine production before gaining fame for its shellfish farming as well. Today, Mèze is oriented towards the étang and its biodiversity, a source of wealth and beauty that has become an emblem of the city.

Water sports such as sailing and kite surfing, summer festivals like the Festival de Thau, restaurants serving the bounty of the étang, markets selling local products, and the ever-popular vineyards… Mèze’s numerous attractions make it a perfect destination for family vacations.


Once a village that exemplified the wealth of the middle ages, Poussan was built between garrigue and étang, along the path of the ancient Via Domitia. Wandering around the winding streets of this traditional Languedoc “circulade” (a village built in concentric circles), you will be surrounded by examples of medieval architecture and village charm.

Boasting horseback riding, vineyard visits, shooting ranges, and summer festivals, Poussan is the portal of adventure for all activities on and around the Etang de Thau.

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